Our surgical suite provides for the performance of a wide variety of surgical procedures including spey and neuter (desexing) operations. We also engage the services of a travelling surgical specialist for unusual or complicated operations.

In order to ensure that your pet has only the best quality of care, we implement a range of safety measures. Before any anesthetic procedure we give each pet a pre-surgery examination and blood test. All pets are placed on an intravenous drip while under the anaesthetic, which assists in keeping your pet’s blood pressure consistent and strong while supporting vital organs. Every patient is constantly under the watchful eye of a skilled veterinary nurse, from the moment of induction right through until your pet is awake and sitting in their own compartment. The nurse will monitor your pet using a range of equipment. They will be monitoring such things as blood pressure measurement, oxygen saturation, ECG and respiration. We strongly believe in the benefits of pre-emptive pain relief, and all pets undergoing surgery will receive pain relief both before and after the operation.