Euthanasia - Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is quite possibly the hardest thing we, as pet owners, have to do. Often, knowing what to do and how to go about it can be both confronting and a daunting challenge. As fellow pet lovers, we understand just how challenging this time is. The below attachment will provide information to answer some of those tricky questions. We are always available to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. We know how hard this decision is for you and your family to make, and as a result, our aim is to ensure it will be as smooth and considerate as possible.

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Saying goodbye should not be the end... Memories live in the heart and soul for a lifetime, espeically those that involve our beloved pets. Sometimes, planting a tree, making a scrap book or donating to an animal welfare organisation in recognition of your pet can help their memory to live on. If you would like, we can place a picture of your pet and a small description about them, up on our 'In Memoriam' page, as a way to recognise the impact they have had on our lives.