Extreme Spawts for Dog Lovers

It happens all too frequently when you're out with family and friends. Your cries of "Dog!" or "Look, there's a pupper over there!" are met with minimal enthusiasm or even worse, a blank stare. Worry not my fellow dog devotees, for we have the solution for you! 

Dogspotting is a fan group on Facebook where people can post pictures of their canine encounters from the big wide world. Fellow spotters will reward your enthusiasm with the greatest joy and appreciation. There's even a separate group called Catspotting for any feline friends you may make in your travels. Even though we never post (vet surgery animals are considered low-hanging fruit and are thus disallowed), it's great to be a member just to have a wholesome corner of the internet to enjoy for a little breather. If you do pony up the goods though, make sure to tag us; we'd love to see!